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Performance Installation

“This is utopian performance in which performers bathe both one another and their audience in well-being and gently instil a sense of hope for our collective futures…” Josephine Leask, DanceTabs 

“…the singularity of the eight performers’ experiences becomes the plurality of ‘us’ not in the sense of a self-regulating, enclosed group but as an open and imaginative relation of the individual to others.” Nicholas Minns, Writing About Dance

“Performed in the round, the audience are actively involved in the piece and can even change seats in order to change perspective – one of the key points of the show”  Liverpool One

Directed and choreographed by Jacky Lansley, with new music by Sylvia Hallett and performers: Vincent Ebrahim, Esther Huss, Fergus Early, Ingrid MacKinnon, Ursula Early, Jreena Green, Tim Taylor. Cinematographer: Roswitha Chesher, Lighting Designer: Nao Nagai and Dramaturg: Ramsay Burt

The 2018 launch tour saw ABOUT US visit Cultural Exchanges Festival – De Montfort University/Leicester, Bluecoat – Liverpool, and Oxford House Theatre – London

A performance built from the artists’ shared experiences about – home, loss, joy, caring, age, the environment, cultural identity and gender. Repetition of these stories through film, soundscapes and live performance becomes celebratory, insightful and intriguing, as large and small events are framed and made special.

ABOUT US explores the extraordinary and the everyday; any audience can recognise their own gestures and feelings in the movement and imagery – it is a performance about us all…

“More and more I have understood how the personal is political and how important it is to listen to each other’s stories.” Jacky Lansley

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