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Performance Projects

DRS has emerged from artistic practice and many years of experience; this has sketched out the contours of its activities since its foundation in 2002. The studio will continue to produce and curate new creative projects both in-house and in partnership with other national and international venues/organisations, including performance work, films, exhibitions and publications by artists associated with DRS.

Current Projects

ABOUT US:  Performance Installation

ABOUT US is a multimedia performance created by Jacky Lansley with artists from dance, visual art, experimental music and theatre backgrounds. It is characterised by interdisciplinary collaboration and powerful explorations of personal and political struggles around loss, joy, caring and oppression that affect us all.

Inspired by the everyday experiences of the human condition, this performance plays with multiple perspectives – near and far, live and film, inside and outside – to draw the audience into an intimate world of which they are a part, it is a performance about us all.

ABOUT US has visited Modern Art Oxford (2019), Cultural Exchanges Festival – De Montfort University/Leicester (2018), Bluecoat – Liverpool (2018), and Oxford House Theatre – London (2018).

Supported by Arts council England & PRS Foundation.


R-AGE, created by Jacky Lansley and Grace Nicol, is a conversation through dance, image and performance between a ‘young’ and ‘older’ woman. Together they explore the power of women working across generations and examine questions about women and age, including those frustrating generalisations which frame women as never being the right age.

Drawing on their working relationship and friendship over the last five years, the artists have created a cross-disciplinary performance score which engages audiences in a series of challenging, humorous and radical questions about women, power and art.

R-AGE is part of Chisenhale Dance Space‘s  ‘Collaboration Between Generations Commission’,  supported by The Choreographer’s Gallery Trust and Arts Council England.

Performance Archive and Publications

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