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Performance Projects

DRS has emerged from artistic practice and many years of experience; this has sketched out the contours of its activities since its foundation in 2002. The studio will continue to produce and curate new creative projects both in-house and in partnership with other national and international venues/organisations, including performance work, films, exhibitions and publications by artists associated with DRS.



The Personal is Political

‘About us’ is the outcome of an eight-month research and development project called ‘Crossing Paths’. The project included interdisciplinary performance workshops, discussion groups, writing, blogging and creative R&D in the studio and outdoor locations, which resulted in this mixed media performance work, which defies artistic boundaries.

To create the work Jacky Lansley has collaborated with an ensemble of ten artists including film artist Roswitha Chesher, composer Sylvia Hallett and performance artists: Lucy Tuck, Esther Huss, Vincent Ebrahim, Fergus Early, Ingrid MacKinnon, Ursula Early and Maria Ghoumrassi. The group comes from a variety of artistic disciplines and are of mixed ages, gender, class and ethnic backgrounds. As an ensemble they have drawn on their personal and shared community experiences; working with found objects, diverse spaces, memories, fragmented texts, improvisation   and everyday   movement, to distil down to a number of universal themes exploring home, homelessness, age, gender, loss and laughter, in which boundaries have been revealed and explored.

The work will adapt to the particular qualities of various types of space and context – whether gallery, theatre or other public location. The audience will enjoy a variety of perspectives and maybe mobile, seated and participatory.

Supported by Arts council England.


Collaborative residencies at DRS grow out of existing professional relationships with practitioners who have been involved with previous research projects or CPD programmes at DRS. Most projects emerge from an artist’s proposal to DRS; if the project goes forward DRS will offer appropriate support including: studio space, mentoring and some administrative/marketing support. DRS will also collaborate on funding bids to the Arts Council and other funding organisations. DRS is particularly interested to work with artists on interdisciplinary projects that are exploring personal and political themes.

The Wise Body: Conversations with experienced dancers

Edited by Jacky Lansley and Fergus Early
Published by Intellect Books

In The Wise Body, choreographers Lansley and Early interview twelve distinguished dancers who continue to enjoy exceptionally long performing careers. The essays reflect wide-ranging concerns, and connect the experiences of senior practitioners in areas as diverse as health, philosophy, psychology and cross art form research, giving an extraordinary picture of the worldwide network of independent dancers and their practice.
Contributers: Philippe Priasso, Lisa Nelson, La Tati, Julyen Hamilton, Yoshito Ohno, Steve Paxton, Jacky Lansley, Will Gaines, Jane Dudley, Pauline de Groot, Bisakha Sarker, Fergus Early.

The Rebel Man Standard – Interview with DRS Artistic Director Jacky Lansley

“My arts practice is completely determined by the social and political environment in which it and I exist. I may or may not choose to make these influences explicit; I may not always be fully aware of how social/political issues impact on my work; I do know, however, that there is a continuous interaction between my arts practice and ‘politics’ whether linked to concerns about wars, the environment, sexism, racism, oppression of children, oppression of people with disabilities, classism, ageism. I also believe that the repression and gagging of artists throughout the world is a serious issue for human beings.”

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