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Associate Artists

Over the last 12 years a number of artists have made DRS their home while working on specific research projects or getting involved in professional development activities. Some of these associates come and go while others are more continuously involved in teaching at the studio, developing their current projects or collaborating with Jacky Lansley on new performance work. Significantly these artists come from diverse backgrounds including dance, theatre, music, live art and community based work. This diversity reflects a basic ethos at DRS which is to place dance at the heart of critical cross disciplinary discussion and practice.

The community of associate artists at DRS supports core activities through teaching, mentoring, attending residency sharings, seminars and other public events. In exchange they receive free studio time, mentoring from peer practitioners, marketing support, networking opportunities and the social/cultural benefits of being part of a dynamic artistic community.

Big Bear Theatre Company

Big Bear Theatre Company (BBTC) – an Associate Company of Dance Research Studio – was launched in 2010 by Artistic Director Ursula Early. Since then BBTC has produced numerous highly successful productions, projects and education programmes. DRS has supported BBTC every step of the way offering: rehearsal space, support in kind, mentoring, administrative and marketing support and has been vital to the company flourishing;  All BBTC productions have been rehearsed at DRS including: ‘Desdemona: a play about a handkerchief’ (Park Theatre); ‘Laugh Your Farce Off’ a regular night of new farces (Pleasance London and Edinburgh); The UK tour of the Georgian farce ‘A Bold Stroke For a Husband’ (Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds & Bridewell Theatre) and ‘Double Indignity’ (Bridewell Theatre).

Esther Huss

DRS is a place I return to, and develop in, continuously. It has been central to my development as a dance artist and facilitator. As head of ‘Dandelion Collective’, an inclusive dance group, I depend on such links and opportunities to develop my own work with the support and mentoring of Jacky Lansley. DRS carries the pioneering spirit of contemporary dance and performance art in the UK, it is a great privilege as a young artist to be part of and inspired by DRS.

Grace Nicol

Grace Nicol is an emerging choreographer and dance artist who formed her interdisciplinary company Coegi music and dance in September 2014. Coegi have enjoyed the supportive environment offered to them by DRS to develop their first work Rural Living that toured the South West, The Midlands, was part of Resolution 2015 at The Place London and performed at Stockholm Fringe Festival 2015. Rural living explores the processes of creating and recalling through a live music and dance collaboration. Grace takes inspiration for her choreography from collaboration, memory, place, communication and origin. DRS has been the perfect base to support her as an emerging artist, she is looking forward to continuing her relationship with the studio, benefitting from the space, community and experience she has been given as a resident. | @GraceBNicol

Green Candle Dance Company – Fergus Early

As an individual artist and as the Artistic Director of Green Candle Dance Company, I have had considerable involvement with DRS since its inception. As a performer, I have been involved in a number of Jacky Lansley’s creative projects, including Holding Space, View from the Shore, Anamule Dance, Guest Suites and The Life Class (film). My company has created and rehearsed several of its productions in the space and I have taught sessions on Jacky’s SDIPT and TIP professional development courses. DRS has Tardis-like qualities – enormous amounts of wonderful creativity emerging from such a seemingly modest amount of space!

Hey Ho Ha

Hey Ho Ha is a collaboration between London based performance makers, Nao Nagai and Yoko Nishimura, originally from Japan. Their work explores the curiosity in minutiae of life underscored by current issues and the everyday dramas. Their visceral and humorous approach manifests in their work, often surreal, sometimes discombobulating, evoking the feelings that are both universal and personal for the audiences. DRS has been an important hub for the development of Hey Ho Ha’s practice. The company devised and rehearsed many of their works at the studio as well as participated in numerous professional development trainings directed by Jacky Lansley.

Project O

Project O is the performative fruits of conversations between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small. The London-based project explores ideas around visibility and marginalisation, looking to the body as a site of politics. Their work has included dance performances for the stage (O, 2012), performative interventions in public spaces (BYBG: Be Your Black Girlfriend) and a publication (A Contemporary Struggle, 2013). In 2014 Dance Research Studio supported the research and development of a new work SWAGGA by Project O with Charlotte Cooper and Kay Hyatt. As Associate Artists at DRS, Project O were able to spend valuable time in the studio and in conversation with Jacky. SWAGGA was premiered at The Yard Theatre in June 2015. | @ContempStruggle | Image Credit: Katarzyna Perlak

Tim Taylor

Dance artist, teacher and Programme Manager for Dance at Morley College, Tim Taylor has enjoyed an association with Jacky Lansley and the Dance Research Studio for over a decade. Tim’s work as a dance artist derives from an enthusiasm for interdisciplinary practice encompassing expressionistic and abstract dance, song, cabaret, comedy and poetic writing and film making. Within his current practice he is experimenting with juxtaposing modes of performance concerned with the theme of desire and a shifting of perspective in relation to subject and object. As a teacher he bridges such areas of study as contemporary & jazz dance, acting skills, second language English and adult literacy. Since January 2012 he has run the dance department at Morley College – an institution offering a broad programme of part-time dance study, performance events, research work and the facilitation of dance in the community for adults.

Tricia Durdey

Tricia trained in dance in London and Amsterdam where she first encountered Jacky Lansley’s work during the days of X6 Dance Space. She caught up with Jacky years later through her workshops at Dance Research Studio, and has loved her approach to dance and theatre, that works deeply on a physical and intellectual level, whilst engaging with and exploring narrative. Tricia became an associate artist of DRS when working with Tim Taylor, and values her connection with the studio. At present she is developing ways to teach ballet to older people who have never danced before, and is involved in a project The Dinner Party by Ella Hurman. Tricia also teaches Pilates, and writes fiction. Her novel The Green Table (named after Jooss’ ballet) will be published in September 2015 by Cinnamon Press.

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